Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee or Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS), as its name suggests, is common among runners. It is a painful condition at the outer (lateral side) knee, often above the joint line where the femur meets the shin bone. This is caused by the friction of the hip muscles (gluteus maximus) against the external knee joint (lateral femoral condyle) which results in inflammation of the tendon.

This situation usually arises within a few minutes of running. The pain begins gradually but quickly reaches a point where you can no longer run. Once you stop running the pain subsides briskly. The dilemma is that you often won’t feel these imbalances until your knee starts to nag you. At this point, it becomes important to back off and identify the appropriate therapy.


● Pain in and beneath the knee cap while bending or moving the knee
● Pain around the knee cap irrespective of the movement of the leg
● Shooting pain in the kneecap where the knee meets the (femur) thigh bone
● A swelling that appears centered around the knee.
● Scraping, popping sounds or pain that worsens while walking down a slope

Management at AktivHealth:

AktivHealth doctors will perform a detailed evaluation of the patient; assess the type, intensity, and cause of the pain and then plan the treatment suitable to the individual. The goal of the treatment will be to reduce pain and inflammation, strengthen the joint muscles and improve stability and biomechanics of the joint. The treatment plan may include manual therapy and Aktiv therapy (exercise therapy), kinesiotherapy and dry needling.

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