Shin Splints

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS) or “shin splints” is an injury affecting the shin area due to overexertion or overwork.It is a common occurrence in runners, athletes, football, basketball or soccer players, acrobats and dancers.

Its symptoms include vague and dispersed pain along the shin area and diffuse tenderness, especially after exertion. The pain is worse at the beginning of the exercise,but it subsides during the training or as the activity ceases. Later on, the pain persists even when the activity is reduced or at the time of rest.

A variety of training errors(“too much too fast”) and biomechanical anomalies (muscle imbalance and inflexibility) are the key risk factors affecting this.


An evaluation of this condition may include an assessment of the entire kinetic chain of the lower extremity, especially if the symptoms are recurrent. The evaluation focuses on probing every possible trigger such as hip, knee and foot abnormalities or leg-length discrepancy.

Management at AktivHealth:

At AktivHealth, we prepare you for running by modifying your entire training program, which includes performing manual therapy to correct dysfunctions of the entire kinetic chain, develop a specific customized exercise program, advice footwear modifications and provide orthotics, if required.

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