13.5 crore people are affected by obesity in India. Not only this, India has the second-highest number of obese children (1.4 crores).

At AktivHealth, we have the world-renowned weight management German Nutrition program- Metabolic Balance, to help in weight loss and long term weight management. This nutrition program is personalized on the basis of the individual’s 35 blood parameters, medical history, personal profile, measurements, and food preferences. The program along with weight management also helps to reduce the ill effects that being overweight and obese brings along.

The Metabolic Balance personalized nutrition program helps a person to understand the proteins and food items that match his system and in how much of amounts should one have them for good health & achieving weight goals.

Besides this, if you consult our specialized physiotherapists, they first evaluate, how obesity is affecting the way your body moves and functions and then guide you with a medical training program. They help you do and learn exercises that aid in restoring flexibility, increasing strength, cardiovascular endurance, agility, power, and combating any postural or balance issues. In a way, helping to get fit and lose weight in a healthier way.

We also have group Clinical Pilates classes to help our clients improve their fitness by a strong core, get a lean and toned body under medical supervision. Pilates coupled with a proper diet would surely help in aiding weight loss and will help you in getting stronger and fitter.


India has become the diabetes capital of the world with more than five crore people suffering from Type 2 Diabetes alone. It is also the leading cause of death worldwide. Diet has a crucial role to play in managing diabetes and associated conditions. A balanced three-meal pattern along with a comprehensive understanding of the Metabolic Balance program rules can help Diabetics manage their blood sugar levels and weight in a sustainable way.


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