Back Pain – Chronic & Acute

The goals of back pain physiotherapy are to decrease back pain, increase function, and teach the patient a maintenance program to prevent back problems. Back pain is one of the most common medical problems, affecting 8 out of 10 people at some point during their lives.

Back pain can be a short and severe episode or a long on-going chronic or recurrent pain. It can severely interfere with your work and daily activities. Pain can affect your muscles and make you weak and can even lead to mild depression.


There are several causes for back-related problems including:

● A mentally or physically stressful job.
● Pregnancy (a pregnant woman is much more likely to suffer from back pain).
● A sedentary lifestyle.
● Age (older adults are more susceptible than young adults or children).
● Anxiety
● Depression
● Gender (back pain is more common amongst females than males)
● Smoking
● strenuous physical exercise (especially if not done correctly)

Our Solution:

The physiotherapy program may consist of:
● Core stabilization exercises
● Correction of body mechanics
● Joint mobilization/manipulation
● Postural correction
● Soft tissue mobilization
● Stretching/flexibility exercises
● Traction

Who can benefit back pain physiotherapy?

Individuals having any of the following conditions can benefit from our physiotherapy:
● Acute, chronic neck pain
● Spinal stenosis
● Degenerative disc disease
● Herniated disc
● Post-surgical pain
● Sacral dysfunctions (SI joint)
● Sciatica
● Scoliosis

Checks program:

We can develop a physiotherapy program that best fits each patient’s requirements but first, you would need to undergo one of the following checks:
● The Complete Back and Neck Check (120 mins)
● The Functional Back Check (90 mins)
● The Functional Neck Check (90 mins)


Some of the benefits of our programs include:
● Pain reduction
● Higher physical functionality
● Improved flexibility
● Increased endurance
● Improved mood

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