Golfer’s Elbow

Golfers elbow (or medial epicondylitis) is an overuse injury on the inner side of the elbow similar to tennis elbow (on the outside of the arm) but causing pain on the inside of the elbow instead. It is sometimes known as throwers elbow.


● Pain and tenderness on the bony bit on the inside of the elbow, particularly when gripping hard with the hand.
● General weakness in the wrist and pain will be reproduced by bending the wrist palm downwards against resistance and resisting pronation or rotating the wrist inwards.
● It starts as an uncomfortable niggle with recurrent stiffness, before it gradually develops into a painful injury causing loss of function.


● Repeated wrist flexion or bending the wrist, particularly against resistance such as holding a golf club.
● It can also occur from throwing actions, as well as in occupations such as manual jobs like carpentry or working at a computer work station. It tends to occur after a period of repeated overuse.

Management at AktivHealth:

Doctor will evaluate the condition and identify the factors responsible for the problem. He may advise suitable medication, local drug injection and other therapeutic measures to facilitate healing and suggest methods to prevent a recurrence. Early reporting of the injury and starting treatment has a favorable prognosis.

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