Become a Coach

Become a Certified Metabolic Balance® Coach :

Nutritional Therapists/ Dietitians and other recognized therapeutic practitioners (Medical doctors, Homeopaths, Naturopaths), who are interested in incorporating a successful adjunct to their practice will find that holding a Licence as a Metabolic Balance® coach is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. This certification will also be an invaluable asset in your career. Upon completion of the training program, you will be certified & licensed to practice as a Metabolic Balance® Coach in India with your name and contact information listed on the Metabolic Balance® website under “Find a Coach”.
The Certification Program has 2 parts:
● Online Course Training
● Two Days Seminar

The details of these are given below:

The Online Course :
The online course has 16 lessons. Each lesson contains a video (approximately 45 minutes long), a reading portion, and a quiz. The video component is by Dr. Wolf Funfack, the founder of metabolic balance. You must pass the quiz in order to release the next lesson. There is also a mid-term after the 8th lesson and a final exam at the end.
Topics covered in the curriculum
● The principles behind Metabolic Balance®
● Overweight, obesity and the medical consequences
● What is metabolism and its pathways?
● Energy metabolism
● Protein metabolism
● Cholesterol
● Blood sugar regulation
● Diabetes
● Metabolic Syndrome and its medical consequences
● The results of the Metabolic Balance®
● The four phases of the Metabolic Balance®
In the Course, you will learn the practical applications for developing and implementing individualized nutrition plans through the processes and standards of Metabolic Balance®.

Two Days Seminar :

In the seminar, you will also learn how to gather the medical data needed for developing the participant’s nutrition plan as well as how to work one-on-one or in a two-on-one setting.

Course Charges:

Certification Fees: INR 24,000 + Annual Fees: INR 6,000 = INR 30,000 + 18% GST= INR 35,400 (Thirty Five Thousand Four Hundred Rupees)

Zoom Webinars Workshop:

The online component may be started at a convenient time for you and must have been completed prior to implementation day training.

The 2020 Implementation Day training dates for Zoom Webinars:

  1. May: Every Thursday, (7, 14, 21, and 28 May).

*Metabolic Balance India reserves the right to change implementation day training dates. with reasonable notice.

As a student in the program, you will receive

  •  A copy of Dr. Wolf Funfack’s Metabolic Balance® book (If the name of the book is not Metabolic Balance ®, then keep the ‘m’ and the ‘b’ as lowercase.)
  • Access to the Metabolic Balance India Facebook group.
  • Weekly appointment times available to book for one-on-one support.
  • All written material with the complete presentations.
  • Whatsapp group for consultants to discuss queries.
  • Soft copies of all material required for the consults – food diary, recipes, etc.
  • Your individualized Metabolic Balance® nutrition plan
    With the Coach Registration Form, you can register as a Metabolic Balance® Coach. “Download the form”.
    After filling out the form you can directly send it to metabolic@aktivhealth.in

Further support is provided by access to ready-to-use marketing material including pull-up banners, posters, client leaflets and PowerPoint presentations to educate and attract new clients.

Additional Information

A large study has been completed by a team of scientists in Germany on subjects participating in the Metabolic Balance® program; the results are released in The Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism ( Clicking on)