The program begins with a comprehensive Age-specific Health Assessment (for age 1 year and above). It includes Progressive Exercise Regimen including Home Recommendations, Sports injuries prevention training, Play Therapies, etc. The program may be customized as per assessments and may include individual therapy sessions, Kids Group classes, Metabolic balance, lifestyle adaptation suggestions, and foot care.

The Paediatric program is a fun, interactive mix of education and body awareness training that includes yoga, meditation, and circuit training, aimed at teaching your child the importance of:

  • Strong body/posture control, balance, and coordination.
  • Understanding the body’s energy system.
  • Healthy nutrition, eating habits to be smart and strong.
  • Building team skills, having fun and being healthy.

Paediatric Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Techniques:

AktivHealth’s team of expert physiotherapists and occupational therapists use the most up-to-date treatments under the guidance of Medical Doctors. As part of our early intervention strategy, we may use a combination of below techniques as part of our Kids Therapy programme:

  • Play therapy
  • Balance Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Sports medicine training
  • Neurodevelopment therapy
  • Sensory integration and praxis therapy
  • Language-cognitive approaches
  • Perceptual motor intervention
  • Vestibular stimulation
  • Personal, social and adaptive skills
  • Biofeedback

Every childhood should be filled with fun. Our approach helps your child do what they love the most – play!

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