Mrs. Simone Judd

Mrs. Simone Judd

I heard about Metabolic Balance on a visit to AktivHealth. Prior to this, I had tried weight watchers but found the counting of points annoying. I lost 5kg but then gained 6kg. then, I joined slimming world but ate too much and had no control. I lost 4kg but piled back on 6kg.

At the time of joining Metabolic Balance, my weight was 69.7kg, after completing the plan, my weight was 61.6kg. I lost 8.1kg in 3 months!

Metabolic Balance is easy to follow. I could eat the food that I liked. I got excellent support from the coach. The Metabolic Balance program helped me improve my activity levels, my skin looked better and I slept well. It led to the alleviation of depression and improved my mood. The results obtained were exactly what I had hoped for. I would definitely recommend the Metabolic Balance program to others.



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