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–By Taranjeet Kaur, metabolic balance® coach & senior nutritionist, AktivOrtho™

Exams are coming soon. This is the time when students tend to be afraid and tense but with right guidance, perfect and systematic preparation and correct diet along with appropriate exercises they can prepare themselves to face the exams with more confidence. Here are a few tips that can help your children remain healthy, Aktiv and focused for optimum results:

1. Be their role model: Your children pick-up your attitudes and behaviour including your food habits. Try to be their role model by having balanced meals, trying a variety of foods.

2. Follow meal and snack schedule: Teach your children to have 3 wholesome meals a day and a healthy snack when required. Encourage them to have a healthy breakfast. Children, who skip breakfast, have shown to have poor activity and academic performance.

3. Encourage them to understand hunger and thirst: Teach your children the importance of food and water. A sufficient water intake helps in removing toxins and waste products from their body.

4. Reward your child with attention and kind words, not food: Show your affection to your children through praise, hugs and kisses rather than offering them doughnuts and sweets all the time.

5. Do not restrict specific foods: When children are restricted to specific foods as a part of punishment or otherwise, they tend to overeat when these foods are allowed.

6. Try to make the junk food healthy: Like you, children too love variety in their food. Make their favourite dishes nutritious. If your child wants to eat a burger, make a wholesome patty from chicken or chickpeas or paneer and put it in a multigrain or whole wheat bun.

7. Grocery shopping with children: Let your children choose the fruits and vegetables. Encourage them to buy a new vegetable to be added to the salad or their meals.

8. Motivate them to exercise: Make sure that your child is spending some time every day in activity. Encourage your children to spend around 3-4 times a week doing some sort of aerobic exercise or sports. Exercise has several benefits like keeping your child’s weight in check.

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