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Whenever you practice any sports or physical discipline like yoga asanas, you will be challenged to do things with your body that you may not have done before, thus making it possible for you to get injured. It is therefore important to take certain precautions and be attentive while doing it. There are few things that needed to be kept in mind while practicing yoga to ensure your safety while doing it.

1. Be Attentive or in other words don’t be in a la la land-
The natural human tendency is that it is difficult for us to pay full attention towards any activity we do.

One minute we are paying our attention towards the activity other moment our mind is wandering into other stuffs, this is the moment that can prove hazardous, as our body is not paying attention towards the activity there is lack of proper muscle engagement that puts too much stress on the body; and if we force and the protective mechanism in the nervous system that prevents us from placing too much tension on our tissues dont activate, the results is a torn muscle or tendon.

2. Too much, Too fast-
Increasing the demand on our system too fast will have detrimental affects. Foundations need to be set especially for individuals who come in highly deconditioned. Overdoing it, is a recipe for an overuse injury like tendonitis or muscle strain. Moral of the story go slow and steady.

3. Pain is a friend-
Pain is a signal that something is wrong. Of course, i am not talking about general aches that are associated with DOMS but nagging ”not quite right” sorts of pain. Not listening to the body’s pain signals is a bad idea. It doesn’t mean we have to stop doing it but we have to get it assessed and fix it.

4. Being specific-
Every exercise is not for everyone for example people with herniated disk should avoid deep forward bends and anyone with neck problems should steer clear of headstand. Every individual has a unique physical capabilities know that and keep improving it.

5. Do not compare-
You must never compare yourself with your fellow practitioner. yoga is a non-competitive practice. All you need to do is be aware of your own abilities.

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