Therapist Gowathi
Designation Speech Therapist
Available at Medanta, Gurugram
Specialisation MSc (Speech-Language Pathology)
Skills and Experience (1) Executing assessment and planning rehabilitation of speech and language disorders mainly delayed speech and language development due to mental retardation, cerebral palsy, hearing loss, acquired childhood aphasia, traumatic brain injury and attention deficit, phonological disorders, acquired childhood aphasia, pervasive developmental disorders, fluency disorders, aphonias, dysphonias, dysarthrias, apraxias, aphasias and right hemisphere damage. (2) Evaluation and treatment of patients with dysphagia. Familiarization with tests such as Linguistic profile test, Bankson articulation test, Western Aphasia Battery, Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination, Picture articulation tests, Stuttering Severity Index and Perception of Stuttering Inventory. Instruments used like DR. speech, Nasometer II, nasal view, Pratt, electroglottograph, vaghmi, MDVP. (3) Evaluating and diagnosing patients with hearing problems especially cases of cochlear and retrocochlear pathology, otosclerosis, otitis media and various other middle ear problems, presbycusis.  Prescribing hearing aids, counseling regarding their usage and aural rehabilitation of children and adults. Identifying hearing loss in children through behavioral observation audiometry and visual reinforcement audiometry.

Rehabilitation of patients i.e. adults and children using cochlear implants and hearing aids.

Special Areas of Interest/Expertise Speech & Language, Audiology. Has worked with premier schools of Delhi NCR as their Speech Therapist for paediatric patients.