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Mrs Seema

“I came to know about ‘AktivOrtho™’ through an acquaintance. My misery was very long and harsh as I had not been getting normal since my delivery about 15 years ago. I had to opt for C-section as a possibility of natural delivery was ruled out by doctors. I delivered my baby boy but the road to a normal recovery was derailed by a number of ailments associated with the delivery. I experienced chronic headache and lower back pain in a fashion that I had never experienced before.

It appeared to me that I would never ever get back my natural health that I enjoyed before delivering. They (doctors) dubbed my symptoms as ‘postnatal depression’ and the strong medicines prescribed to me shook up the entire system.

Thankfully for me, I soon learnt about AktivOrtho™ and the rest as they say is history. Less than a dozen sessions with its well-trained craniosacral therapist have changed my life for good and here I am—a healthy woman with positive attitude. My symptoms have amazingly reduced within two months from the commencement of my treatment. I really want to thank Dr. Gerd Mueller (MD) sincerely for bringing into India something that is totally European in terms of standard, approach and equipment. I also thank Mr. Himanshu Bhagat, my craniosacral therapist.

The affable staff, hi-tech exercise equipment and a highly-skilled therapist made me walk with confidence that I so fondly remember possessing prior to C-section. Thank You AktivOrtho™!”

Comments BY Physiotherapist Mr. Himanshu Bhagat

“Mrs. Seema, mother of a child and software professional, had been suffering from chronic headache and lower back pain ever since she gave birth to a baby boy 15 years ago through C-section, as the doctors told her that the baby was not engaging in the birth process. Mrs. Seema, left with no option, opted for the surgery to save her child.

But the trauma of the surgery and anaesthesia were still persisting in her body, which I felt very clearly in her system while I was treating her. Her symptoms did not vanish post-delivery and she never recovered her original state of health. The doctors labelled her symptoms as ‘postnatal depression’ and were quick to put her on anti-depressants and strong medication. This had only worsened her situation, with her health taking a beating.

I realized that all she needed to get back to better health and shape were few sessions of craniosacral therapy which releases the trapped emotions and tightness and restriction in fascia and muscles. I treated Mrs. Seema for about 12 sessions over a period of 2 months and her symptoms reduced by 80 per cent. Now, she is able to deal with her daily functional activities more efficiently and has a positive attitude toward life”.


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