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back pain exercise
By Dr. Steffi Andrat Faria, MD Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at AktivHealth Rehabilitation Medical Centres.

Q&A with AktivDoctor to understand facts about Back pain.

Man suffering from back pain at home in the bedroom. Uncomfortable mattress and pillow causes back pain.
Patient: “They said dont lift heavy loads! never bend forward!”
Dr. Steffi: Heavy loads are innocent, blame the weak muscles.
To bend forward, you need strong back and butt muscles. They actually help you to not fall forward by getting tight and controlling the movement. But most of us have very little strength in those muscles. Try lifting a pencil with a weak back, you’re still in for trouble!
With strength in your muscles – You CAN lift weights and stay Aktiv.

Patient: “WHY doc, why me?”
Dr. Steffi: In this busy journey called life, staying Aktiv takes a back seat, your desk is your temple and all your muscles just FORGET HOW TO WORK! We inadvertently rely on the bones and the ligaments– and eventually they end up crying out in pain because they were never meant to do all this work alone.

Patient: “Doctor, they told me I need surgery!”
Dr. Steffi: There are more ways than one to a solution and please, let’s keep surgery at the end of that very long list. Going under the knife is no joke. Trust us, at AktivHealth, if we think you need surgery – we will tell you. But if there are better ways to a solution (which is usually the case) – WE WILL HELP YOU.

Patient: “But doc, I exercise like they show on the internet (and yoga too!)”
Dr. Steffi: (*FACEPALM* this is a no brainer.) Almost half of you are you doing the wrong exercises. One fourth are doing the RIGHT exercises the wrong way. And the rest are doing the RIGHT exercises AT THE WRONG TIME. It’s time to take your pain seriously and trust the experts. At AktivHealth, we train our patients under medical supervision, and with a one on one Therapist support.

Patient: “Posture! I try to sit up straight all the time”
Dr. Steffi: Your posture needs TRAINING.
When grandma tells you to SIT UP STRAIGHT & walk straight, you quickly correct yourselves. But in the middle of writing that long email, we find our bodies slouched up again. Why? Like I said, just straightening your joints won’t help. You need strong muscles! Strong muscles DO NOT FORGET, even subconsciously, and can be trained to support right postures.

Patient: “My muscles are not weak doc, look at my biceps!”
Dr. Steffi: I’m sure you think you have a great body, but do you? You may have strong looking biceps, but if you don’t work on your core, you are a house of cards waiting to fall. A core is the very foundation of your movements! We cannot emphasize this enough. Whether you’re hitting a tennis ball, reaching for that highest shelf, or kicking that football, or just sitting for long hours, YOU USE YOUR CORE. Well, at least you should.
When your CORE is strong, it shows! No more belly bulges! You stand better, you look good and most importantly you FEEL great.

You might ace the entrance exams or be the head of your company, but if you fail your body, your body will fail you! Take a functional assessment to understand how strong your core and back is and get some medical training therapy sessions with AktivHealth to gain strength and keep pain at bay.
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