Test your Core

Core muscles are Body’s Power House. Building a strong core takes much more beyond crunches. A wear core leads to back pain, poor balance an posture, makes you more prone to injuries and less efficient in sports performance.

Whats included?
a) 30 minutes personalized evaluation session.
b) Get your core tested by ‘Pressure Biofeedback System’.
c) Take Home ‘Core Strength Analysis Report’.

Book your 30 mins personalized session with us today to know whether your core is strong enough and whether you are doing the right core strengthening exercises or not.

Foot and Gait Analysis

A foot and gait analysis is a science-based, technically precise process that is individualized and reveals a lot about how one can train better and perform well. An individual is analyzed statistically, dynamically and on the treadmill during a gait analysis to provide a unique ‘map’ of the body movements to reveal everything happening within the body form.

Whats included?

  • Flat feet, High arch foot assessment
  • Running gait analysis
  • Foot Pressure Analysis using a Podoscope
  • Advice for the correct footwear
  • Recommendation for Customised Insoles: Using Europeon technology under the recommendation of our ‘Sports Medicine Doctor’ and Orthotist.

Improve your running efficiency! Book your 30 mins Analysis session with us today.