Post Natal Reconditioning

Post Natal Reconditioning

Pregnancy imparts a lot of changes in the body of a woman. There are hormonal changes that affect ligaments and connective tissues of a joint making them laxer and also there are changes in posture which places more demand on specific muscles and joints. Such changes may lead to a number of conditions including back pain, pelvic pain, varicose veins, diastasis recti, and diastasis pubi. After giving birth, whether the birth was normal or cesarean, the pelvic floor muscles are weakened and sometimes damaged.

The weakening of these muscles is unavoidable and if left untreated can have serious consequences like incontinence, prolapse, back pain, and reduced sexual functions. Post-natal reconditioning is thus an important part of the post-natal recovery so as to prevent the occurrence of these as well as getting back to the previous levels of fitness.

Post-natal reconditioning includes-
The postnatal program includes education, ergonomic advice, manual therapy, and exercise program.

Exercise program include exercises for deep core stabilising muscles as well as global muscles (for increasing muscle control, strength and endurance), postural correction exercises, flexibility and other exercises appropriate to the clinical problem and functional training as required (for example: preparing the upper back and arm muscles for activities like lifting and caring for the baby)
May include manual therapy, kinesiotaping, chiropractic treatment, soft tissue releases, neural mobilizations as needed

At AktivHealth, both antenatal and postnatal exercise programs as well as a German-based nutrition program, Metabolic Balance for reduction of weight, post-delivery are available for safe motherhood. The Metabolic balance program will include diet recommendations and modifications in the lifestyle. It is a healthy and safe award-winning program.

Written By-
Ms. Neha Bahuguna, AktivHealth

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