Physiotherapy can be more than just physiotherapy.
It works and helps best when it is embedded in a structure and a system.

Team with Doctors

At AktivOrtho Tm physiotherapy works in close collaboration with the orthopaedic doctors under the same roof. With the orthopaedic expert on site and working in close collaboration with the physiotherapist, the physiotherapy treatment can deliver its’ best results. The treatment will not only be more specific, if necessary it can be fine-tuned on a day-to-day basis. The reassurance of the doctors’ presence allows the physiotherapist to work “on the spot” with the patient feeling they are in safe hands all round.

Mobility and Stability

Physiotherapy brings best results if combined with an active approach. After mobilizing joints or the spine by manual therapy or loosening tender muscles by trigger point therapy, the muscles need to be trained to actively stabilize these joints. Vice versa, it is very difficult to train muscles when they are tense and painful, or the involved joints are too stiff. So a good physiotherapy treatment is the pre-requisite to a proper training plan.

AktivOrtho Tm provides a professional and structured team approach to combine these active and passive elements of physiotherapy treatment.