Performance Enhancement

AktivOrtho’s performance enhancement programs are structured around your body’s movement, strength and efficacy of recovery, plus the specific requirements of each sport. With an all- round build-up, targeted according to your stability and function, we provide phased and specific programs to help you reach your goals. The programs, as per your requirements, may include:

  • Functional body movement training
  • Core and pillar stability training
  • Speed and acceleration training
  • Plyometric and explosive training
  • Strength training
  • Energy system and endurance development training

At AktivOrtho, we believe in providing a holistic solution for sportspeople. Hence, our offerings under sports medicine also include sports massage and sports podiatry.

Performance Assessment

Pre-Participation Screening (PPS)

A complete screening to see if your muscles, bones and joints are fit to start training; to rule out a pre-existing ailment which might prevent participation; as well as a cardiac evaluation. The assessment includes:

  • Checking your blood pressure
  • Measuring your height & weight
  • Measuring your hip/waist circumference ratio
  • Measuring your body composition (percentage of fat, bone & water)
  • A cardiovascular screening
  • Checking your flexibility and balance

Further evaluations are done for cardiovascular diseases, internal medical conditions, musculoskeletal problems, risk factor identification (depending on specific sports), plus a physical examination and a functional movement screening.