Neck and Back Pain Treatment

Neck and Back Pain Treatment

The goal of neck and back pain treatment is to help you manage disabling pain, return to your highest level of functioning and independence possible, while improving your overall quality of life. The focus of AktivHealth rehabilitation is on relieving pain and improving mobility (movement).

Neck and Back pain is one of the most common medical problems, affecting 8 out of 10 people at some point of time during their lives. These pains can be a short and severe episode, a prolonged on-going chronic or a recurrent pain. It can severely interfere with anybody’s work and daily activities. Chronic neck and back pain affects muscles and makes the person weak and which can even lead to emotional disturbances like anxieties and mild depression.

Pains originating in the neck can present in many ways. It may be a local pain in the lower neck or just below the head. It can radiate to the shoulder region, the thoracic spine, into the head, even to the forehead, and a nerve pain can cause a severe pain down one arm, even into the fingers. It can significantly restrict how much you can move your head and neck. There may additionally be findings of sensory or muscular weaknesses in parts of upper limbs.

Similarly, pains originating in the back can be a local pain, radiating to hips or down to lower legs. Nerve pain typically gives rise to pain of sciatica. There may be findings of sensory or muscular weaknesses in parts of lower limbs.


There are several causes for neck and back-related problems including:

  • A mentally or physically stressful job
  • Physical occupation with improper postures
  • Pregnancy (a pregnant woman is much more likely to suffer from back pain)
  • A sedentary lifestyle
  • Age (older adults are more susceptible than young adults or children)
  • Disc and vertebral degenerative disorders
  • Disc herniation
  • Traumatic mechanical vertebral disturbances
  • Anxiety and emotional disturbances
  • Depression
  • Gender (back pain is more common amongst females than males)
  • Obesity/overweight
  • Smoking
  • Strenuous physical exercise (if not done correctly)

Our Solution

The Back-Care treatment program may consist of:

  • Core stabilization exercises
  • Correction of body mechanics
  • Joint mobilization/manipulation
  • Postural correction
  • Soft tissue mobilization
  • Stretching/flexibility exercises
  • Muscular strengthening and endurance exercises
  • Traction

Neck pain physiotherapy

Who can benefit?

Individuals having any of the following conditions can benefit from our neck and back-pain rehabilitation therapy:

Checks program

We can develop a neck & back treatment program that best fits each patient’s requirements but first you would need to undergo one of the following checks:

  • The Complete Back and Neck Check (120 mins)
  • The Functional Back Check (90 mins)
  • The Functional Neck Check (90 mins)


Some of the benefits of our programs include:

  • Pain reduction
  • Higher physical functionality
  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased endurance
  • Improved mood

What is back pain about?

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First of all, you will be required to go through a clinical examination. This can rule out any possible serious issues and determine the actual cause of the pain and associated problems.

Secondly, with a proper diagnosis an individualized treatment plan will be developed. This will help to tackle the actual cause of the pain and the resultant problems, which will help to manage the situation in totality as per the needs. The specified treatment sessions continued and followed through over a period of time together with our doctors and medical experts to bring about prolonged and sustained relief along with reduced chances of future recurrences.

We aim to deal with the cause of the pain and resultant functional effects. Back and neck Treatment plans involve both passive and active elements with the latter requiring you to train hand in hand with our manual and sports therapists to get you out of your pain and back on your feet. At our centre, all sufferers are attended to with specialized care with attending therapists managing them on one-on-one basis during treatment sessions.