Ms. Sujata Segal

Ms. Sujata Segal
Condition Treated:  Shoulder Pain & Neck Pain


I had acute shoulder and neck stiffness and was skeptical for physiotherapy before coming to AktivHealth. My mother used to come here after her knee replacement surgery. So, I started to accompany her to AktivHealth. She asked me to at least give it a try. So, I did. I met my doctor and physiotherapist here and within 5-6 sessions, I saw a lot of improvement in my posture and pains. I can stand tall and I felt lesser pain my shoulder and stiffness in the neck as I used to feel earlier. I would suggest everyone who has any physical issue, they must give it a try because AktivHealth is not an ordinary place to come over. They have well experienced and trained physiotherapists and doctors who can definitely guide you honestly. They are well professional and knowledgeable. So, thumbs up and good luck to the whole AktivHealth team.

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