Initial Consult – INR 2000 + GST
Program Cost – INR 28000 + GST
Duration – 3 Months

What is Metabolic Balance®?
Metabolic balance® is a holistic metabolic and weight adjustment program being offered at Aktivortho. This award winning program has experienced tremendous success over the last decade and has changed the lives of over 8,00,000 program participants in 38 countries.

You should join this program, IF –
1. You want to lose weight in a safe and healthy manner.
2. You have tried “diets” with limited success and now want to achieve long term results.
3. You suffer from health problems due to excess weight resulting in illnesses such as: type 2 Diabetes; insulin resistance; high Blood Pressure; fatigue; high cholesterol; imbalanced cholesterol; osteoporosis; allergies; skin disorders, joint pain; migraines; etc.
4. You want to experience renewed energy, vitality and be slim, fit and healthy, regardless of your age. Maintaining a healthy balanced life-style is the key to preventing disease and strengthening your immune system.
5. A scientific study in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism (Dec 2010) confirms that metabolic balance® can effectively help you control your weight for the long-term and improve your health and quality of life.

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Benefits of metabolic balance®
1. Easy, safe and healthy weight loss.
2. Long term successful weight management.
3. Improved health and increased energy levels.
4. Better hormonal balance (support for menopause or other hormonal problems such as PCOS).
5. Stable blood sugar levels.
6. Improved cholesterol levels.
7. Reduction in blood pressure.
8. Improved mood and lifting of depression.
9. Improved skin.
10. Healthier digestive system.
11. Alleviation of inflammatory joint problems.
12. Better sleep.