AktivGait™: Running Analysis

We are pleased to introduce AktivGait™: Running Analysis,
a reflective marker based dynamic motion analysis in AktivHealth, Gurgaon & Vasant Vihar.

AktivGait™: Running Analysis is a specialized technique to assess the way you run and walk. This assessment will help to identify bio-mechanical abnormalities, overactive and under active muscles, which often leads to potential running injuries and performance inefficiencies.  

One stop solution for all levels of Runners; from the Elite to the Social Runners:

• Repeatitive Injuries
• Return to Running post Injury
• Marathon Training
• Ongoing Knee Pain acting hinderance to your passion of Running?
• Improving Running Performance

AktivGait™: Running Analysis includes-

• Comprehensive assessment
• Running Gait Analysis through specialized software
• Detailed Interpretation and explaination of Report by our team, Sports Medicine Doctors and Senior Sports Therapists.
• Recommendation of Training for correcting running style and biomechanical faults.
• Individualised designed injury prevention and performance enhancement program under medical supervision .
• Foot Assessment through podoscope and shoe advice by our Foot Orthotist.
• Runners Nutrition Advice.

Why Does a Runner Need Bio-Mechanical Running Analysis ?

o Injury Prevention & Comprehensive Injury Rehabilitation

o Enhance Running Performance by Understanding Bio-Mechanical faults
o Identify running style and make style changes if necessary
o A point of reference to Running Form – (before & after Intervention)

Who Needs Running Analysis ? 

o Beginner or Professional Runner who want to improve performance
o Runners who want to prevent injuries
o Recurrent injuries in one or more joints or muscles
o Runners having pain or discomfort in foot, ankle, knee, hip or lower back


How Does the Running Analysis Help?

o Record & Quantify the degree of Bio-Mechanical Fault
o Helps in identifying pin-point cause of movement deviation which is
o leading to injury repeatedly
o Data allows therapist to focus on targeted Rehabilitation giving better
o results in shorter duration
o Computerized detail pre & post rehabilitation report

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