Foot and Gait Analysis:

It is a technique to assess running style to rule out any biomechanical abnormalities like Overpronation, Oversupination, ankle equines, hip hiking etc. It’s been found that these compensations and abnormalities would lead to true dysfunction which continues for extended periods of time and decrease your running efficiency.

Our specialized foot and gait analysis would pin point the areas in body where these losses of efficiency originate and would help you to overcome these and improve your running performance.

Our specialised session would include:

a) Flat feet, high arch foot assessment
b) Running Gait Analysis
c) Foot Pressure Analysis by Podoscope
d) Advice for correct footwear.

Posture and Gait Correction

Right posture makes the right framework for the body to develop correctly and to maintain the right posture we need the right stimulus from the central nervous system and correct signals from the body segments, especially from our feet and the impact of the forces that our body generates on daily basis makes a significant impact on our posture.


Generally, Gait includes 2 phases:
1. Swing phase
2. Stance phase

Wrong postures not only reduce our performance but also increase the body’s energy consumptions. It also leads to muscle imbalance by adoptive shortening of few muscles and excessive tension in other muscles, which further causes the deformation of bony skeleton, hence can make a normal individual either dependent or can lead to deformity and sometimes disability.

Correct gait pattern makes the exercises effective and saves excess energy consumption. It also prevents us from developing the wrong posture and other secondary deformities.

Assessment at AktivOrtho

For a good posture and optimal Gait pattern, we assess the lower limb, head deviation, neck rotation, shoulder levels, scapula level, spine, pelvic, knee and foot assessment.