Dr. Rajeev Kapur

Dr. Rajeev Kapur
Condition Treated: Muscular Deconditioning(Geriatric)

Experience: I am 63 years old. I had been leading a sedentary lifestyle so I had pain and aches all over the body which I assumed to be a normal aging process till my son persuaded me to come to Dr. Mueller’s clinic for help. I came to meet Dr. Meuller who after examining me, assigned me with my physiotherapist here, to help me out with the exercises regime and initially it was very difficult. I had difficulty in squatting, squatting down and getting up, I had difficulty in walking, I had continuous pain in the back, in the hip joints as well as in the neck. My physiotherapist focused on building up the core muscles and followed by some amount of manipulation of the joints. With the result, I am able to walk around, I can climb stairs, I can climb downstairs and after a few months, I felt confident enough to go on a tour abroad. I am grateful to AktivHealth and the dedicated professionals that they have, who have helped me regain my health. Thank you.

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