Medical Training Therapy

Medical training therapy is a multidisciplinary approach which involves team of doctors, physical therapist ,occupational therapist and orthoptist. Medical training therapy aims at intensive training based on detailed biomechanical and postural assessment .The treatment focus upon the specific muscle recruitment and improving muscle strength, joint stability, balance and coordination.

The physical therapist customise the exercise program in accordance to medical diagnosis. They are specialised in various domains like musculoskeletal, neuro , sports and cardio. MTT works on issues like postural deformities, post surgical orthopaedic conditions,low back pain, knee pain and many more to count.It effectively helps in rehabilitation of neurological patients like stroke,multiple sclerosis and parkinsons.

Most importantly , MTT boosts the performance of an athlete depending upon the analyses from the previous performance. Our medical team helps to achieve the desired target by reinforcing systematically structured training plan. Moreover, we are equipped with highly advanced technology equipment which targets different areas of body and thus helps in speedy recovery as per the therapeutic norms. Gradual loading of muscles and increase in the range of joint with the help of machines leads to better strength , endurance, flexibility, and utmost prevents any future chances of recurrence.

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