Meet Dr. Mueller

Co-Founder and Director, AktivHealth (formerly AktivOrtho)

Dr. Gerd Mueller, Co-founder and Director of AktivHealth, is passionately committed to raising the bar in India in the field of orthopaedic-neurology rehabilitation, sports medicine and medical training therapy (MTT). As a renowned European orthopaedic specialist with six successfully established centres in his home country, Germany, Dr. Mueller’s goal is to apply the best of European standards, expertise and experience to the field of Indian orthopaedic rehabilitation. Dr. Mueller’s approach is a combination of both active and passive therapy enabling people to function better in their daily lives.


Together with Dr. Joachim Mallwitz, also an orthopaedic specialist, Dr. Mueller co-founded the Hanseatic Rueckenzentrum group which successfully runs six orthopaedic rehabilitation centres in Germany.

Dr. Mueller has been trained as an orthopaedic surgeon; in addition to which, he gained certified specialization in manual therapy and sports medicine. After his orthopaedic training he was appointed as the Deputy Chairman of Hamburg’s largest orthopaedic hospital. After 15 years of surgical orthopaedic specialization, including spine surgery (discectomies, spinal decompressions, fusions), arthroscopies (knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle) and joint replacements, Dr. Mueller identified an increasingly prevalent need for effective rehabilitation and pain management and since then has devoted himself to the non-invasive treatment of orthopaedic ailments. Dr. Mueller believes that:

  • many patients can be helped without invasive surgery
  • active rehabilitation after a surgery is equally important as the surgery itself
  • efficient and effective non-surgical treatment carried out initially, helps to better determine who needs surgery and who does not. This improves the post-surgery result of those patients who in the end do need surgery

Scientific Work

Parallel to his surgical work, Dr. Mueller’s scientific interest was and remains in sports medicine and chronic pain management. For six years he received a grant from the German Federal Institute for Sports sciences, studying the muscle function in athletes and adults. Thereafter, Dr. Mueller developed his experience in the field of active training to improve the outcome of orthopaedic problems via non-invasive treatment.Dr. Mueller has also served as a Vice – Chairman of the Management Committee of the European Commission (2000-2005) tasked with providing guidelines intended to develop a realistic approach to improving the treatment of back pain in Europe. He also chaired the European Commission Committee (“Prevention of Back Pain”) and served as a founding member of the Federal Work Group “Management of chronic back pain” in Germany (2001-2006).
Finally, Dr. Mueller has co-edited the German Textbook, “The Lumbar Spine” in 2004 and has also authored a number of research papers related to sports medicine and the management of lower back and neck pain.