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Chronic illness- is like living in ‘’A PRISON’’ Multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease is never easy to explain & has not been an easy challenge. In an attempt to explain what is it like to live a life with a disease like Multiple sclerosis.

Understanding of a life in prison, as is shown on TV, movies and books is similar to living with a disease like Multiple sclerosis. Though it’s not always the same every time but at times when you are down with a relapse, hot weather, stress, tension….. It’s the similar feeling. When nothing is in your hands, when you can’t change it, when all of a sudden you are tired (Fatigued) without any reason.

It is like one is trapped at one place when one finds it difficult to get up, walk, and stand. When you just wish to sit/lie down. People around you will never understand and it is there when you land up in depression. At times you can even have mood swings. At times even going to washroom is a challenge. It is like you are imprisoned in your own body.

Though the lane is tough but you have to gather courage and come out of it. Consult a physiotherapist, follow proper exercises plan designed for you. Research has shown that starting physiotherapy early after diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis helps reduce disability, improve independence and reduce the impact of the disease on health related quality of life. Moreover, exercises done as a part of the rehabilitation can increase activity and improve overall health & well being.

This not only improves employment sustainability or confidence to do the basic daily activities with ease but also assurance to be independent and do better. Studies have also shown that doing regular exercise has helped MS patients improve muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness, activity levels and functional movement ( walking etc).

Thus, plant your own flowers by doing proper & regular exercises (under supervision) and diet modifications. Avoid heat, stress and tension. Follow diet designed for you with supplements of vitamin B12 & D. Avoid stress do regular pranayama and meditation.

Maybe it’s a chance to think about yourself, be good to yourself. Focus and plan for yourself.

Written By-
Ms. Angja Khera Bose
Sr. Neuro Physiotherapist, AktivHealth

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