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We are the millennials, those who live less on food and more on technology. With the growing indispensibility of technology at work, it is also becoming an intrinsic component of our daily lives where this generation literally wakes, bathes, eats, drives and even sleeps (sic; which is minimal) with technology all around us. Now-a-days, from switching on an air conditioner to paying the bills to even commute from one point to another, is just a click away.

Although technology has immensely sorted our lives that should have actually given us more ‘my time’; however facts accepted that we are now more hooked with it and strangely have no time for self or for people around us. Most of us start and end our days with the social media platforms.

Apart from these, although the boom has really helped us in job tasks, however it has also glued us to our systems for hours at a stretch.

“Our bodies are made to move and not stay still at a single place; the more we keep our bones and joints moving, the lesser health issues we face as we age.”

The WHO classifies ergonomic hazard as one of the occupational hazards that can be caused from

  1. Repetitive Motion and Prolonged Postures
  2. Eye Strain
  3. Poorly Designed Work Stations
  4. Excessive Vibration and Noise
  5. Excessive Heat

In addition, putting extra hours at work (average >45 hours/week) exposes you to greater risk for developing Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSD, as we call it). On the top of that, your seat and your fat belly are like pals whose only foe is your heart and joints. The longer you sit the richer (read fatter) your belly; and the richer and fatter the belly, the poorer is your heart and joints.

I know….I know now you will say that okay I now know my pain pals but how do I break them up…..I can’t leave my job nor can put lesser hours at work….does that mean I am doomed?????

The answer is No! You aren’t!!!! You only need to improve your work posture, be a little aware of your eating habits and give your belly a new friend….Exercise!

And once you break that…..voila!! You gift yourself a new life.

So let us help you form new bonds with your body….

Trust us, we can help you become the New You…the Real Healthier You!!!

Written by : Sakshi Pushkarna Physiotherapist, AktivHealth
  1. Avatar
    August 6, 2018

    Sitting is the new smoking is what I heard of some time back, your write up helps in understanding how to overcome.

    Suggest you to throw some light on postures & exercise that we can do at work place.

  2. Avatar
    August 6, 2018

    Nicely written sakshi. Keep it up.

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