Sports Injury Centre Delhi

Sports Injury Centre
Sports Medicine involves a multi-disciplinary approach for people who exercise and play sports. It is a specialized branch focused on the physical performance and condition of one’s body after a sports related injury . It can be applied to injury management, recovery and prevention, as well as to performance enhancement. At AktivOrtho (The Sports Injury Centre), our unique, advanced and non-invasive program combines the latest and most innovative approach of manual and physical therapy, functional movement conditioning, Medical Training Therapy (MTT) and orthopedic expertise, with state-of- the- art equipment and a highly specialized team. We provide an extremely effective solution for recovery from a sports injury and performance enhancement.

In addition to this, our European equipment and specific testing protocols allow us to monitor your performance, so we can give you valuable information about how to adjust your training for a better sports performance.

Combining orthopedic, bio mechanics and movement expertise with the requirements of a specific sport can effectively result in a rapid return to sport post an injury and enhance your performance.

Sports Injury Clinic

Who can benefit?

  • Sportsperson
  • Orthopedic issues
  • Fitness enthusiasts
  • Anybody who enjoys playing sports

At AktivOrtho, we offer the following, specifically tailored for sports:

Injury Management

We combine a thorough musculoskeletal assessment with a complete body mechanical assessment. This not only helps us to reach a more comprehensive diagnosis but also aids in ascertaining the cause and/compensations due to an injury. These assessment sessions are followed by the most up- to-date, evidence-based approach to treatment with hands-on sessions targeted to correct your mechanics and help rapid recovery from an injury. The sessions include manual mobilization and manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, myofascial integration, taping, bracing etc.

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Performance Assessment

Pre-Participation Screening (PPS)

A complete screening to see if your muscles, bones and joints are fit to start training; to rule out a pre-existing ailment which might prevent participation; as well as a cardiac evaluation. The assessment includes:

  • Checking your blood pressure
  • Measuring your height & weight
  • Measuring your hip/waist circumference ratio
  • Measuring your body composition (percentage of fat, bone & water)
  • A cardiovascular screening
  • Checking your flexibility and balance

Further evaluations are done for cardiovascular diseases, internal medical conditions, musculoskeletal problems, risk factor identification (depending on specific sports), plus a physical examination and a functional movement screening.

Performance Enhancement

AktivOrtho’s performance enhancement programs are structured around your body’s movement, strength and efficacy of recovery, plus the specific requirements of each sport. With an all- round build-up, targeted according to your stability and function, we provide phased and specific programs to help you reach your goals. The programs, as per your requirements, may include:

  • Functional body movement training
  • Core and pillar stability training
  • Speed and acceleration training
  • Plyometric and explosive training
  • Strength training
  • Energy system and endurance development training

As a sports injury centre, we believe in providing a holistic solution for sportspeople. Hence, our offerings under sports medicine also include sports massage and sports podiatry.

Sports massage

Essential for recovery after training and competition, massage helps sore muscles recover from lactate accumulation and other toxic by-products of exercise. The superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues relax due to the decreasing motor neuron excitation effect of massage, resulting in relaxation and well-being, which prepares the body for the next bout of activity.

Sports podiatry

Do you have a foot problem which contributes to injuries or hinders your performance? Get an advanced assessment by our comprehensive team of Foot Orthotists and foot care therapists.

Treatment for foot and related biomechanical conditions will involve:

  • Footwear or an orthotic prescription
  • Customized insoles
  • Injection therapy
  • Joint and soft tissue mobilization
  • Corrective training

MTT (Medical Training Therapy)

Our specially designed Medical Training Therapy helps patients with sports injuries to get back to their games with the same vigour and energy which they enjoyed prior to injury. Sports medicine and MTT together can improve your performance, stamina and general health.

Sports medicine for children| Sports Injury Centre for Children

Sports medicine for children involves three areas that make it unique and different from sports medicine for adults:
1. Treating injuries in children requires a different approach than treating injuries in adults. We aim to identify bio mechanical causes of injury due to growth factors which may contribute to misalignment. Our specialized therapy takes care of these factors and corrects them to avoid long-term issues.

2. We review children’s training methodology to prevent them from over training and also to identify any external factors such as rackets or footwear which may be causing symptoms, thus ensuring the prevention of injuries.

3. We apply essential principles of nutrition which are specific to growing children who are taking part in sports training and competitions. These ensure optimum performance.

At AktivOrtho, the young sportsperson is treated holistically: to prevent injuries, optimize their performance and treat injuries in an activity- friendly manner.