Preventive Physiotherapy: Prevention is better than cure

Preventive healthcare is fast becoming a critical aspect of the healthcare system, and physiotherapy plays an important role in promoting health and wellness. When most people think of physiotherapy, they think of post-injury or illness rehabilitative therapy. Although physiotherapy is often used as part of a rehabilitation plan, this is not always the case. A growing number of our clients (office workers, athletes and players) are using physiotherapy consultations, tools and treatment techniques to prevent injuries, to enhance and improve their sport and to prevent the possibility of any future physical dysfunction.


Preventive Health Services at AktivHealth:preventive-physiotherapy

We offer several preventive health programs in the form of Medical Training Therapy (MTT) and Prehabilitation (a form of strength training that aims to prevent injuries before they can occur. This also includes ergonomics, lifestyle modification and education.) to help you get active and stay healthy. These may include:

  • Functional assessment, Fitness testing and exercise program design
  • Cardiovascular exercise programs
  • Weight/diabetes management programs
  • Sport specific conditioning
  • Injury prevention
  • Falls prevention
  • Prevention and management of injury in the workplace
  • Pre-operative rehabilitation for joint replacement/reconstruction surgery
  • Pre-operative rehabilitation for general surgery
  • Metabolic Balance, a scientific nutrition program

preventive-physiotherapyPreventive Physiotherapy has long-term benefits

Pain is not the only reliable indicator of injury or sickness rather it can be the delayed signal of the damage which has already been done to the body. It is not always the sudden or primary reaction but the result of an enduring problem that gradually builds over time. Hence, preventive treatment would help in preventing deterioration, muscle girth development, pain management and maintenance of any deformation which has happened. It is a long-term journey with massive daily health benefits.

Preventive physiotherapy interventions may consist of core and low back endurance exercises, specific trainings, client-specific consultations, education & awareness on back pain, and behavioural therapy. Physiotherapy-related warm-up routines, stretches and daily exercises have also been shown to improve performance and durability, reduce the likelihood of athletics and sports injury occurrence and time-off from injuries after they have occurred.