Aktivhealth strives to work with the philosophy of conservative management of various musculoskeletal and neurological issues, injuries, etc. However there are certain clinical situations that may be progressively deforming, functionally disabling, which may not be adequately or satisfactorily managed by conservative methods alone. These may be cut or torn tendons/ligaments, cut or damaged nerves, progressive spinal or peripheral joint deformity in children / adolescents, degenerative joint deformities of elderly with function loss e.g. OA knees.

After a detailed assessment when it becomes clear that the particular clinical situation of the person will require surgical intervention; person is advised pre-surgical preparatory therapeutic exercise, which prepares the individual to withstand surgery better and facilitates faster and better recovery post surgically. And when immediate post surgical program of rehabilitation is instituted the outcomes are very satisfying in terms of functional independence, correction of deformity, reduction of pain, etc