Patient and Attendant Rights:

1 To receive necessary care and treatment, with dignity and respect, regardless of your race, gender, language, origin or source of payment.
2 To be respected for your cultural, psychological, spiritual and personal values, dignity, beliefs and preferences.
3 To receive treatment in a safe & secure environment, free from physical, sexual or verbal abuse & neglect.
4 To bring along an attendant (family member, friend, caregiver, interpreter) to the Centre.
5 Privacy during care, examination, treatments and conversations with your Doctors and therapists.
6 To be addressed by proper name and informed about the name of the doctor and therapists involved in the care.
7 To receive complete information to understand your diagnosis, condition, risks, treatment outcomes and necessary home care to be taken after completion of treatment plan.
8 To be involved in the decisions that affects your care, services or treatment.
9 To clarify all your doubts before signing any consent form.
10 To be informed about pain and pain relief measures which enable you to participate in your pain management plan.
11 To ask for a change of a doctor/physiotherapist or a second opinion if you wish for.
12 To be educated about the treatment plan/ diet plan/ prevention of the health condition.
13 To express your concerns, complaints and or grievance to any of our Centre staff.
14 Confidentiality of Medical records and other information provided by you. (Exception – second opinion, law or insurance).
15 To know the expected cost regarding your treatment and have your bill explained.

Patient and Attendant Responsibilities:

1 Provide accurate information about your health conditions, pain areas, habits, past illness, hospitalization, allergies and current and past use of medication/physiotherapy.
2 Ask your Physiotherapist about clarification regarding any part of your treatment that you do not understand. Ask questions – What is my main problem? What do I need to do? Why is it important for me to do this? How long will it take? How much will it cost?
3 Read all medical forms and consents thoroughly before filling and/or signing.
4 Follow the Treatment Plan recommended by the Doctor, or realize and accept the health risks and consequences to if you neglect/delay/don’t follow the full recommended treatment plan.
5 Update your Therapist timely of the changes/progress in your health condition and symptoms.
6 Actively participate in your rehabilitation plan and keep your Doctors and therapists informed of the progress and effectiveness of the ongoing treatment.
7 Settle all your bills promptly.
8 Follow our Policies regarding No Smoking, No Noise, Pre-payment, No Shows, Cancellations, Visiting time, Appointment time, Anti-Harassment, No Violence, and other client terms and conditions
9 Be Polite, considerate and cooperative with our staff and other clients.
10 Be respectful of the property and privacy of others and our Clinics.
11 Take care of your personal belongings.
12 Do not bring any destructive weapon, alcohol or unauthorized drugs inside any of our Clinics. Do not come in an inebriated condition for your appointment.
13 Report any issues, complaints or concerns that may affect your treatment. Share your feedback with us to help us continually raise our services and standards of care.