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AktivOrtho Tm is a unique health concept-based institution which builds its’ foundation on medical excellence and collaboration. We are keen to work with like-minded medical professionals where we can mutually benefit from sharing knowledge and facilitate a sustainable health solution for our patients.
We work closely with practicing orthopaedic specialists, general physicians and other health professionals to be able to complement each other’s expertise to provide integrated and co-ordinated care to our patients.

We are organizing practical courses for the doctors such as an instructional course for clinical examination in orthopaedics where Dr. Gerd Mueller will share with the doctors his clinical examination and manual therapy techniques. This practical course will help the doctors address patients’various orthopaedic problems, both in clinical decision making and in the treatment of patients.

To find out more about our Health Partnership Programme please contact:

Team Human Resources

AktivOrtho Tm
Email: hr@aktivortho.com