Joint mobilization is a hands-on technique in which we move a joint passively in various directions at different speeds and ranges of motion. The direction, speed and amplitude of the movements are dictated by many factors such as treatment objective, condition being treated, etc.

Multiple Benefits, some of which are as follows:

1. Pain relief.
2. Restoration of normal joint movement.
3. Stretching of soft tissues such as muscles and ligaments.
4. Reduce inflammation and movement restriction.
Joint mobilization/manipulation forms an important part of our physiotherapist’s assessment and treatment at AktivOrtho. Mobilization comprises of rhythmic oscillatory, non-thrust passive joint movements. Following the same basic Mobilization principles, our Therapists may use a unique of a combination of most advanced Mobilization concepts and methods, including Maitland, Kaltenborn and Mulligan.

Who may benefit?

Patients suffering from the below –

  • Joints Stiffness
  • Decrease in the range of motion of the joints in the body (due to muscle stiffness or shortening, soft tissue tightening or contraction around the joint, spinal disc space reduction, etc.)

Mobilization Technique used by our Therapists aims to:

  • Reducing joint stiffness
  • Improve joint range of motion

This creates a need for a treatment technique which is aimed at reducing joint stiffness and therefore, necessitates the use of joint mobilisation to improve joint range of motion. The session usually starts with a thorough physical examination and assessment following which your physiotherapist while discussing the examination findings, treatment options and your short and long term goals with you will decide if you require joint mobilisation which, if deemed suitable, are painlessly performed by the physiotherapist.