• Orthopedic Rehabilitation (Musculoskeletal disorders, Pain Management)
  • Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Sports Injuries Management
  • Geriatric Rehabilitation
  • Pediatric Rehabilitation
  • Gynecological Rehabilitation

AktivHealth specializes in Advanced Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation therapy in the following areas:

Our Doctors and Therapists work together to help patients overcome their pain, movement and functional disorders resulting from any severe injury, illness or disability. Specialists here use a combination of aktiv and passive therapy to benefit the patients in the long-run. Treatment may include a broad range of physical modalities, exercise and medical training therapy and assistive devices.

For patients travelling from outside India for Advanced Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation treatment at our Clinics, we have a dedicated team to take care of all your treatment related visit to our country.

Get your problems treated during your international visit to New Delhi, India.

Please get in touch with our International Patients Services Incharge to seek assistance with any of the below arrangements:

  • Accommodation/Hotel Booking
  • Airport Pick-up & Drop
  • Currency Exchange
  • Estimated Cost of Treatment
  • Hotel booking
  • Interpretation services
  • Medical opinion
  • Payment
  • Visa assistance

We also have the facility of Virtual Consultation for Clinical Nutrition Plan. Book your appointment with our metabolic balance coach today.

International Patients Services window should have the below: