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Recovering from an injury can be anything but easy. Especially if this injury keeps you from being able to do many of the meaningful things (daily activities , sports, job, recreation) that make life enjoyable.

As a rehab professional working with people recovering from injury on a daily basis, you see lot of trends, and although these trends rarely apply to each person in the same way, there are some that are pretty consistent across the board.

One of these trends is MINDSET
When you get injured, or suffer from persistent pain , it’s not hard for you to focus on all of the things that you can’t do because of the issue you are dealing with. However, especially in cases that take long periods to recover from or where progress is slow, this can really eat away at your abilities to progress through rehab.
Focusing on what you CAN’T do leads to poorer outcomes, decreased motivation to stay consistent with your program, and decreased effectiveness of the program leading to more frustration, feeling of hopelessness, and at the end of the day, getting back to WHAT YOU WANT TO DO (your goals).

Instead, shift your mindset to focusing on what you CAN do. This instills more confidence and you try to build up better. Realizing what all you are capable of doing will keep you more positive, decrease frustration, keep you motivated and more consistent. The exercise routine to come back to do your daily activities is then accomplished better and with more regularity. Each step becomes smoother and the path clearer.

You are realistic about your goals and set targets for yourself and try to achieve them. Each improvement, whether big or small, gives you the hope of recovering sooner and getting more positive. Thus, being optimistic is the key to for better OUTCOMES & RECOVERY.

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