By Yaasar Nazar, Sr. Sports Physiotherapist, AktivOrtho™

The Weekly Health Tips

1. The main goal is to reduce your sedentary time and increase your active time – get moving!
2. Choose a sport you enjoy – make it fun and convenient.  If it is a hassle you will stop.
3. Make it social – get a group of friends together and you can encourage each other.
4. Play with your children or grandchildren.  Encourage them to be more active too and you will all benefit.
5. Set realistic goals to keep yourself motivated.
6. Walking is a good start.  Try to make walking part of your daily routine.  It is a great way to relax too.
7. Take the stairs not the lift.
8. Do stretching exercises whilst you are watching TV.
9. The recommended amount of physical activity is 30 min/day – you can divide this into 3 x 10 min sessions and still benefit.
10. Download a workout film of your choice that may give you ideas, help you exercise properly and follow a set routine.

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