Our priority to find the root cause of your health problem.

Welcome to AktivHealth! Your health is now in our safe hands.
We follow a 3-step process to address your health problems – Consultation, Diagnosis, Solution. Please read the following to get the maximum benefit from your first visit to AktivHealth.

1. Consultant and Examination “What is the condition”

Your first visit will focus on finding the root cause of your health condition. A comprehensive assessment will be conducted by our Doctor / Physiotherapist who will talk to you at length and examine the problematic areas (eg. Back-Neck check) to understand your health condition –

  • area, duration, frequency and intensity of pain;
  • assessment of movement and strength to gauge postural problems and functional limitations;
  • existence and severity of other symptoms, determine the cause factors, and damage done.

The clinical team may advise you to undergo some specific tests, MRI/X-ray, Checks program.

2. Diagnosis “What needs to be treated”

The doctor will determine the cause of the problem, and create a roadmap for the patients recovery – set realistic treatment goals, devise a personalized treatment program.

3. Our Solution “How will we treat”

We will provide you with very clear explanation, advice and recommendations that will focus on providing you with an individualized treatment solution – How can we help you? How long will it take to recover? What will be the treatment type and benefits? How much will it cost? Our treatment plan includes a combination of both active and passive therapy. (read more about us)

We offer Preventive Advice

We want you to get well as quickly as possible and prevent your problem from recurring. You will have access to future health seminars and workshops. Our clinical team will offer prevention and precaution advice, and will support you with a home exercise plan to compliment your in-house therapy.

Please keep the following points in mind for your FIRST VISIT:

1 Post booking of appointment, you will receive an sms confirmation the appointment date, time and Consulting doctor’s name.
2 Please carry your previous medical reports/records/test results, if any, to show it to the Consulting Doctor.
3 It is advisable to wear comfortable and loose clothing for your consultation, to allow easy movement.
4 Please reach atleast 15 mins prior to your appointment start time and report to the Client Services Reception Desk to complete New Patient Registration formalities.
5 Please plan your time well – First Consultation usually takes a total of 60 mins, that is inclusive of Doctor Consultation and Therapy time.
6 Do share with us if there are any special medical needs (example wheel chair access) of the patient, so that our team can be better prepared to help you.
7 Various payments modes are available at our centres – Cash, Debit/Credit card, Paytm and eazypay.
8 To know the First Consultation charges, please speak to our Client Services team.
9 Also please read the client terms and conditions – Client Terms and Conditions.

Thank you for choosing us as your health care provider. We are confident of healing you in the most efficient and effective manner.